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Weather In Bago, Myanmar

Weather forecast in Bago, Myanmar for 3 days
Bago weather Overview

Formerly named as Pegu, Bago is a capital city of the Bago province in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. Located in the southern part of the Myanmar alongside the river barge, it is the fourth largest city of this country and home to several ethnic minorities such as Karen, Chin, Mon and Shan. Featured with fascinating Buddhist religious sites, Bago is based in 80 km northeast of Yangon. Bago experiences moderate tropical climate all year round. Bago takes place in the hot zone and its rainfall lessens area wise from south to north. The southern part of this city enjoys a tropical monsoon climate whereas the northern part has savannah climate.

The places which are near the seaside, the temperature distinction between the coolest and the hottest months is lesser whereas in the north the variation is larger. The atmospheric condition is more or less categorized into three primary seasons, summer, fall and winter. From the month of March to the middle of the May is summer season. From mid-part of May to October is rainy season. And from November to February is winter season. January is the coldest month of this city with standard temperature around 23 degree Celsius. April and May are the hottest months here with rising temperature of 31 degree Celsius. Average annual rainfall of this city is around 132.36 inches.

Bago Weather inormation