Weather Forecast Yangon Myanmar

Tuesday, 06

Max: 27°C

Min: 23°C

Wednesday, 07

P Cloudy

Max: 31°C

Min: 23°C

Thursday, 08


Max: 29°C

Min: 23°C

Climate for Yangon

Average Weather in Yangon for October

T-Storms 17 Days
Sct T-Storms 6 Days
PM T-Storms 2 Days
P Cloudy 1 Days
Avg High temperature 36 °C / 96.8 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 23 °C / 73.4 °F
Cloud Cover 36%
Avg Humidity 67%
Avg Wind speed 12 km/h

October in comparison to the first three months as pertaining to temperatures has gradually increasing levels. Maximum temperatures throughout the month are 320C; at times they could be exceeding 34oC or dropping to levels as low as 29oC- in one of ten days. It is notable that lengths of days in October are averaging 12 hours of daylight.

The sky in October is partly cloudy but there is a trend that sees clouds being cleared. Average, 73% of October’s days are expected to experience some rain characterized by thunderstorms, moderate and light rains. The month’s air is drier towards the end of the month at which relative humidity drops to degrees better referred to as mildly humid air turns. Dew points vary typically in the range of 220C and 27oC (Very muggy and very oppressive). On the other hand, wind speeds swoosh from 0m/s to 3m/s. (Normal air to gentle breeze).

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